Commercial or residential, we're ready to respond. Our high standard of excellence is a result of 40 years of combined experience in construction. And that expertise allows us to step in at any stage of the construction process.

Concrete polishing

Whether you're installing new concrete or upgrading an existing floor, our concrete polishing expertise and equipment promises a finely finished, durable result. Polished concrete flooring eliminates the hassle of carpet-cleaning and the ongoing maintenance needed for hardwood. Our vast selection of stains allows us to match a wide variety of architectural colors and styles.

Concrete overlays

When concrete polishing is not an ideal choice, concrete overlays can be a durable and decorative alternative. With this concrete restoration technique, we can renew a worn-out, drab concrete flooring with any number of colors, patterns and textures.

acetone staining

The acetone staining process penetrates into the surface of the concrete slab for extremely long lasting color that will not wear from daily usage, making it a great option for your basement or living room. Our sealants make your polished and stained floors virtually maintenance free for years to come.